There will be more features to come with your journey. Give us time to luxury furnish them.

Content management - additional features

The additional features to level up your content management with collaboration and change-tracking tools.

  • Comment; way to communicate and to review content with your team.
  • Language Localization; transforming your content to other language versions.
  • Content Versioning; all changes to your content will be recorded and allow you to make revisions if necessary.

Workflow management

This feature will allow you to structurize the work procedure and assign people to be in charge of each content creation process.

Task management

This feature will help you to focus on your task and stay on track.

  • Tasklist; your board filled with all the tasks and milestones.
  • Calendar; your gadget to sync up all your milestones over time.

Project dashboard

Some additional features will be added to the Dashboard. The next updates will also provide you with information about recent activities and your assignments to help you stay on track.

Content Management API

This feature will allow you to manage your content through API. This will include creating, updating, deleting, and fetching your content.