Nimvio is a platform to create and manage your content where the complexity of the deployment has been taken away. It is your centralized place to create and update your content, along with the following primacy.

Quick content creation

Start with a template

You can create your personalized template for any content type. Use it as a shortcut so you can start your content idea later on creation. This feature will absolutely worth your time and effort.

Easy to organize your assets

Upload your media such as images, audio, and video to become your assets so that they are ready to be used in content creation. Use folders to organize them in grid view to be more convenient and easy to access.

Flexible workspace

Multi-view mode

Enjoy a workspace built to your choice. We furnish it with flexible content and media presentation options. We believe everyone has their own preference to work with content and organize the media. You can choose between list-view and tree-view when working with content. While working with media, you can choose between list-view and grid-view.

Informative dashboard

We facilitate you with Dashboard, a page where you find a big picture of your project. Here you can quickly capture your project resources, including contents, templates, and media. It provides you with an overview of your content status, as well. Now you can understand your project shape at a glance.

Develop with freedom

Headless design

With the power of Headless CMS design, Nimvio gives you all the freedom to manifest your digital experience. Starting with whatever programming language and framework to use, till wherever to deploy, the choice is upon you.

Flexibility of API

Our Content Delivery API will help you to get published your content and media. Our API is powered by REST API, GraphQL, and Elasticsearch to give you flexibility. No need even to worry about future changes to your product as they are built to scale.


The most common approach to building APIs. Built with a strong data structure, REST can handle multiple types of calls and return different data formats. It becomes a suitable way for designing applications with a wide range of purposes.

  • GraphQL

With a strong type-system to define an API, GraphQL gives the specific of what exactly needed through only one endpoint. A way front-end-friendly and a good fit for complex systems or microservices by integrating them behind the API.

  • Elasticsearch

A navigational feature accessible through API. Elasticsearch can perform various kind of searches regardless of the data type. It helps to analyze billions of data in a few seconds and quickly find the best matches your query.

World-class security

Powered by AWS

Rest assured that all your content is kept safe with the power of Amazon Web Services. Be it a start-up company or an enterprise-level behemoth, AWS gives the same level of world-class security. With dozens of out-of-the-ways data centre locations across the globe, your data remains safe even when a disaster sweep out a region.

Exhaustive ACL

We also equip you with a powerful armament which is the access control list (ACL). It will help you to set permissions and access properly to prevent any unauthorized access to your projects and contents. Our ACL consists of several levels - organization, project, content and media level - to grant you the most comprehensive and customizable permissions and access that fit your organization's complexity.

Helpful guidance

Online Guide and FAQ

Do not ever let anything interrupt your work. Find our Guide when it matters. The guide will be an exhaustive step-by-step to do every single thing pre-requisite to work with Nimvio. Furthermore, if you one of those who have the same questions, we also provide the FAQ in our guide to help you straight to the point.

Reach our support

You can also reach us through email, then we will do our best to get you out of your problem. Find out the details in Contact Us. Be it seasoned or new to Nimvio, rest assured that you can easily navigate through our convenient interface.