Make ready-for-use templates

As a centralized canvas for the content manager, Nimvio provides you with a shortcut to start with. You can create predefined and personalized templates that are ready-for-use so you can get straight to creating content for any content types.

Easily organize your media

Upload your media to be stored as your assets. Create your own categorization of them, such as image, audio, and video, so you can quickly reuse them anytime. Browse and fetch them to your content as they are ready for use.

Choose your viewing preference

Work in an environment that best suits your viewing preference. When you are working with content, we provide you with tree-view and list-view mode. We also provide you with grid-view and list-view mode for managing your media. All view modes are tailored to your needs.

Fast capture your project

Whenever you need to quickly understand the big picture of your project, simply go to your Project Dashboard. There you can find an overview of your project as well as all your contents status.

Work with guidance

Streamline your content creation with our assistance. Once you get stuck, our guide will help to discover everything you would seek in crafting your best. Check out our Guide or reach our support via Contact Us.