At Nimvio you can set your costs at the scale of your own organization or project. Just consider your required resources such as team size, storage, bandwidth, etc., and discover the most affordable price ever! Get a Nimvio subscription started today with a plan that best suits your needs. Whenever you are ready, please contact our sales team.

Customized pricing based on required resources


Pricing FAQ

Can I change my plan as my business grows?

Yes, you can. Your next plan will be applied to your next billing period. You can also downgrade your plan but make sure that your limit does not exceed the downgraded plan.

Does the price include tax?

No. All the subscription prices are excluding VAT and the tax will be added to your billing payment based on the billing address.

When will I be charged for bandwidth overages?

Overages usage will be charged at the end of the billing period and will be added to the next billing payment due.

What if I experience a payment failure?

If there is a payment failure, you will be noticed by our team to change your payment details. If your payment still fails for the next 7 days, then you will not be able to continue accessing your project. If you are inactive for the next 30 days, your organization's account will be terminated.