Build Faster, Go Further


Build your website without limits

Nimvio is a cloud-native headless CMS that takes a lot of burden off developer shoulders. It removes unnecessary works and gives you flexibilities to build a website in the way that you see fit.

Why developers love Nimvio 

CMS projects can be so terrible for developers

If you are a developer who have worked on any CMS project in the last decade or so, you know what happens when a content platform grows too big. It makes the project too involved, bug counts go up beyond your control, and morale goes down. At such condition, developers usually start to look for the exits.

Nimvio is the game changer

We understand that every developer has their own preferences for optimizing the websites they build, following technological advances. Rather than limiting your potential with a certain framework, we choose to provide as much freedom as possible and give more time to focus on your business-critical tasks by reducing responsibility for trivial tasks.

Enjoy the development with freedom  

Free to choose
development framework

Due to headless nature that delivers content via API, you are freed to use frontend framework and tools of your choice to create your websites, which can change over time and with different projects.

Use flexible

Nimvio is an API-first CMS so you can use it to your choice from the best of REST API, GraphQL, and Elasticsearch. Each has its own superiority, giving you a great deal of flexibility in development.

Forget unnecessary

In our cloud-native headless environment, you are no more responsible for backend tasks and maintenance tasks such as maintaining servers and upgrading software. So you can just focus on frontend and business-critical tasks.

More and more streamlined works

Develop faster with structured content

Structured content makes the data delivered via APIs more predictable for development. As content creators define the structure, developers can focus more on delivering amazing digital experiences.

Integrate seamlessly with other platforms

By separating content management and presentation, Nimvio is easy to integrate into your microservices. It allows your frontend to serve multiple backends, including Nimvio as a content as a service.

Execute and automate custom function with Webhooks

Equipped with Webhooks, Nimvio makes it easy for you to execute and automate custom functions such as deployment, sending notifications, data synchronization, and more.

Our standards and policies


The most common approach to building APIs. Built with a strong data structure, REST can handle multiple types of calls and return different data formats. It is suitable for applications with a wide range of purposes.


GraphQL gives the specific of what exactly needed through only one endpoint. A way front-end-friendly and a good fit for complex systems or microservices by integrating them behind the API.

Elasticsearch Query API

As a navigational feature accessible through API, Elasticsearch can perform various kind of searches regardless of the data type. It helps to analyze billions of data in a few seconds.