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Content Creator

Create content easily

As we all know, content creation is the key activity for website development and such it is important that Nimvio tries to lighten the process. Nimvio has lighten the process which allows everyone including non-technical person to be able to create, update and publish content website easily. Objective of Nimvio is always to streamline the process of content creation in order to ease user's day to day task. We at Nimvio believe that the easiness of creating content can help boost user's idea and creativity to the max.

Accessed anywhere

Nowadays, remote work is increasing rapidly, with the emergence of new technology allowing employees to work from anywhere.

Easier & Faster

We understand that every developer has their own preferences for optimizing the websites they build, following technological advances.


Easy to Deploy

Content creators must be aware that sometimes it is a hassle when handling website deployment. Website deployment is an essential process for content creators before their website can be published and considered as done.


Nimvio has streamlined this deployment process so that the content creators can easily manage their deployment with the deployment manager. Deployment manager in Nimvio allows users to monitor, cancel, retry or roll back any intended deployment.


Thus, deployment process in Nimvio could save a lot of content creators' effort and time which could be allocated to focus more on keeping the website quality content at its highest.

Content structuring

When creating content, one must remember that any content created, needs to be structured properly before publishing. Structured content has many advantages, as it enables readers to discover information quick and easy.


As we all know, content structuring can be time-consuming. Hence, Nimvio has simplified the process, making it easy for content creators to do content structuring. It is quite straightforward and easy to do.


From here then, a content creator can start to establish standardization of content structure for the whole team/company/organization as it would bring lots of positive impacts.

Live-preview editing

Before publishing, there should be a preview where a content creator could do a final check or improvement on their website page. This preview will provide a holistic view of the website created and how it will appear on the reader's side.


We believe it is essential to preview before publishing any website page. In Nimvio, there will be a preview page for a content creator to do any updates regarding their website before publishing. Content creators could use this preview page to review any work done by their internal team so that the quality of the website is always intact and guaranteed.

Content Creation

Create Content

Kickstart any development by creating content for the website. Content creators are able to create content from a template. The content can later be updated and previewed before publishing.

View/Edit Content

Content creators are allowed to view/edit any content created within Nimvio. Before publishing, content creators can finalize and preview their content thoroughly to ensure it is of good quality.

Publish Content

Once everything is ready, content created earlier can be published.

For publishing, users utilize the deployment manager, which acts as a hub for them to deploy their website content easily.