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Working with Audit Trail


Audit trail is a register of every activity a user did in Nimvio. Thus, every action including creation, modification, and deletion will be recorded so it can inform you on who is the actor, when is the time, and what are the changes made. By having this audit trail, organisations can improve their security and get benefits for different business purposes. Below are some examples:



Information security Identify that something wrong has happened in your project. This can be identified when there is an unexpected user or activity when reviewing the activity history.
Digital forensics Find out who did what and when in your project and be able to prove it. This is crucial especially where lawsuits are involved.
Business analysis When logs are generated and collected properly, they contain all the necessary data for business processes because most business processes take place are reflected from what are done.


View Activity Log

Each activity is recorded in Nimvio's audit trail in the form of Activity Log. Follow these steps to view an activity log.

1. Go to your Organisation Settings by clicking your account name in the upper right corner, then select the Organisation Settings tab.


2. Select the Audit Trail module from the top menu.

3. You will be redirected to the Activity History listing page. This page provides the sequence of activities happening in Nimvio in the form of listing table.

4. Click on a record in the Activity History listing table to view its details. You can use filter or search function above the table to find a specific activity.

5. Once clicked on a record, you will be redirected to the Activity Log page. This page will display the detailed information of the activity, including the time, actor, and details of changes made. 



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