Website Provisioning Outside Nimvio

Your journey of content publishing will not stop at creating a content at Nimvio. Now that you have provided your content, it is time to publish your idea in the form of website. In order to transfer your content from Nimvio to a website, you will need a website deployment system to deploy our content to the website. Follow this guide to get the ropes on how we can deploy the content to the website.

In this guide we will use Netlify Drop to deploy simple website created on the Getting Started - Nimvio guide.

Step 1. Prepare the Static Files

Revisit the guide Getting Started - Nimvio then copy the HTML code listed in the step 7 here and save it as index.html. You will also need the JavaScript code listed in the step 8 here then save it as main.js. Create a new folder in your computer and make sure that you have the index.html and main.js inside that new folder.

Step 2. Drag and Drop

Drag and drop the folder into the dropzone of Netlify Drop

Step 3. See the Live Website

Congratulations! Your website is live, you can see it by clicking on the URL provided.

What is Next?

Congratulations! You have finished the guide. Keep exploring below guides:

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