How to create and apply Workflow


In Settings, you can configure and customize workflows for your content creation. In Nimvio, we have made it easy for you to configure your project settings so that everybody can use Nimvio without the need to possess deep technical knowledge on website content app. One of the most important features in project settings is workflow settings. Workflow settings allow you to define the process that your content goes through from creation to publication.

With workflow settings, you can set up approval processes, define content editors and publishers, and assign roles and permissions to various users. This ensures that your content is reviewed and approved by the right people before it is published, helping you maintain the quality and consistency across your website or application. 

Workflow Settings

You can refer below to navigate to Nimvio workflow settings.

1. First, navigate to Settings menu.

2. Once you have navigated to the workflow settings listing page, you can choose either to create new workflow or editing the existing workflow. 

3. In the workflow settings, you can create custom workflows by defining states and actions that content must go through before it is being published. You can add approvers, assign roles and permissions to keep everyone involved in the process informed.

Nimvio allows you to create multiple workflows for different content types or specific sections of your website or application. You can also customize the workflow settings for each user group or team, ensuring that the right people have access to the content and permissions they need.


Create Workflow

1. Navigate to Workflow settings and click "+ New Workflow".

2. Once you have fill in all the input to create workflow you can click "Save".

3. As you have click save, your workflow will appear in the listing page. The status will be auto enable so that you can apply the workflow to your Content Template and Content.


Apply Workflow in Content Template

1. To apply workflow, navigate to Content Template page from menu and click on the Pencil icon button to edit any template.

2. Inside the content template, choose any workflow that you wish for your template in the Default Workflow column.

3. Then, click Save. You have successfully applied workflow to your content template.


Apply Workflow in Content

1. To apply workflow, navigate to Content page from menu and click on the Pencil icon button to edit any content.

2. Inside your content page, select the content that your wish to apply the workflow, then click Pencil icon button on the Workflow section as shown below. 

3. In the popup menu, select your workflow and click Change. You have successfully applied workflow to your content.



Overall, configuring workflow settings in Nimvio is a straightforward process that allows you to tailor your content management process to your specific needs and requirements. By setting up a robust workflow, you can ensure that your content is consistently high-quality and meets the needs of your audience.

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