Headless CMS Overview


Headless CMS is the architectural design approach used by Nimvio. Unlike traditional content management system in which content management and presentation are tightly bound and impact each another, Headless CMS works without the presentation layer (the "head"). It provides you with all the backend tools to create and publish content via API, giving a friendly way for content creators to craft their content. Developers then only need to focus on frontend tasks with a clear separation between content management and presentation.



Benefits of being Headless

Not only enables a content-first approach to streamline the process, such as content creators no longer having to wait for developers to catch up, but Headless CMS also gives the ability to use the same content across multiple channels such as website, mobile app, smartwatches, etc. It makes the headless CMS become the best solution for the fast-paced multichannel experience.

Basically, Headless CMS can run on both cloud and on-premises. However, cloud technology can boost its potential to the max. Leveraging the cloud technology, CMS vendors can provide a true multitenant Software as a Service (SaaS) product and manage the CMS per users' need so you can just focus on the application.

What’s Next?

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