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Why Nimvio

Website creation in headless CMS has never been this fast

In this digital era, timely and accurate information is the key to governing society and controlling public opinion from fake news, propaganda, and misinformation. Nimvio is the CMS platform to help you building informational website fast and in a secure manner.

Common challenges in realizing fast website creation

Website Development

It is undenied that the website development process are very time consuming because it requires both creative and technical skills.

Content visibility

Content production may take longer when the CMS is lacking of visibility as it is difficult to find content and estimate the actual presentation.

Security concern

Some easy-to-use platforms like open source CMS can be lacking on security, making them not eligible for creating a website securely.

Accelerate your website creation with Nimvio

Nimvio is designed headless in its architecture, making it secure by default. A headless CMS consists of a backend layer and connects to different frontends using APIs so there's no database exposed. No database exposed means no security threats. Furthermore, Nimvio also equipped with built-in security features such as audit trail, access control list, and 2-factor authentication, making it even less vulnerable to attack. Discover more about our Security.

However, working with headless CMS is not always convenient. Due to separation of backend and frontend, common headless CMS usually end up with weak presentation capabilities. This requires you to spend a lot of time in website development and content production which sometimes has a high learning curve.

In Nimvio, it is different! It doesn't trade security at the expense of convenience website creation. Nimvio keeps both. See how it works.

Start your project from a theme

Website design and development process may take a lot of time and money. It's not friendly especially if you're racing against time. Nimvio is the solution. We provide you an option to create a project from a ready-to-use theme.


What is the difference? It means that we eliminate the website design and development process. The website frontend template is already there for you so you can just focus on creating content and getting it live in no time.

Craft content with live-preview

Editing content in headless CMS is sometimes a pain due to the lack of content visual. Now imagine if you can just navigate to a certain page, view the page presentation, and spot any content to edit. All those interfaces are real in Nimvio's live preview content editor.


Not only about navigation, but it is also critical for content accuracy of the actual website. Without live preview, we never know whether a content will perfectly suit the layout before implementation.

Manage automated deployments centrally

Deployment is a necessary step in every single update to the website. It requires another time and expertise especially if done manually. This is because you need to build the deployment package, manage the hosting, perform deployment and ensure that everything is okay.


At Nimvio, we simplify all that work into a centralized, automated deployment manager so you can execute the deployment in just few clicks and focus on what matters.

Key benefits 

  • No need for website design and development
  • Automated deployment process
  • Clear navigation just like actual webpage structure
  • Clear estimation on actual website presentation
  • Unexposed database due to headless architecture
  • Built-in security features to secure content creation process