Build Faster, Go Further


Speed up your website creation

Theme Generator

Need a quickest way to create a website without going through the design and development process? Theme is the answer. With the Theme Generator, Nimvio makes it possible to use frontend templates in headless CMS.

Live-preview Content Editor

Content is the heart of the website. Thus, the creation of content is a very important activity that usually involves navigation structure and suitability with the website design. The visibility of those things greatly affects the speed of content creation.

Deployment Manager

Deployment of webpages is a process that requires deep expertise and it's not always familiar to non-technical people. Spending too much time on deployment may prolong the website creation process.

Create content with high-compliance


Set approval milestones and assign people to be in charge of necessary process.


Track content changes and restore previous version where necessary.

Audit Trail

Track changes made within Nimvio and view detailed record of the changes.

Access Control List

Define what actions can be performed by users up to content and media level.

Custom Roles

Create any roles to suit your organization's complexity.

2-Factor Authentication

Add a second factor for authentication to increase the security measure.

Empower development with agility


Use the API of your choice from the best of REST, GraphQL, and ElasticSearch.


Set automatic notification system to other applications triggered by certain events in Nimvio.

Headless Microservice

Use any development platform of your choice in a loosely-coupled architecture that are built to scale.